Prisoner's Dilemma on the Blockchain




? Pecans Given

? Pecans Left

You have ? Pecans

Trade Pecans

Receive ? ETH


? Tree Size | Growth Boost ?x

Ether Share: ? ETH

Pecan Reward: ?

Last Claimed: ?

Spend ETH

Get ? Pecans

Use Ether Share to grow Size
Adds Boost once per hour
Get your ETH and Pecan rewards

Claim before Planting any new Root!


Waiting for events...




Send your ETH to your personal wallet


Send throne ETH to SnailThrone holders


Contract Balance: ? ETH

TreePot: ? ETH

The TreePot consistently pays out according to Tree Size

WonkPot: ? ETH

The WonkPot gives out Ether for Pecans

JackPot: ? ETH

20% of the JackPot is used as Round reward

Last Root Planted: ?



SnailTree is a mock HYIP where you grow your tree for rewards

It all starts by Planting a Root
In exchange, you get a Tree of a Size proportional to the ETH spent.

Planting a Root immediately rewards you with Pecans
The longer anyone goes without Planting a Root, the bigger Pecan reward.

Your Tree consistently produces Ether
Based on Size, 4% per day of the ETH value of your Tree.

Your Tree also produces Pecans
Pecans are produced slowly at first, then faster the longer you go without Harvesting.

Harvest your Share to receive ETH and Pecans
This can be done at any point, and as often as you want. But...

The longer you wait, the more Pecans you get!

Trade Pecans with Wonkers and get Ether
Giving Pecans also raises the shared progress bar.

Give the last Pecan to win the round
If your gift fills the bar, you win the jackpot!

As more Trees are planted, Wonkers needs more Pecans
The amount required is in direct proportion with ETH spent on Planting Roots.

Next step: Growing your Tree

Use your Share to Grow your Tree
The Ether you would have gotten is reinvested to raise your Tree Size.

Increase your Growth Boost
For every hour since your last claim, Growing your Tree gives you one extra boost up to 10.

Your Boost multiplies your Pecan claims
Whether from Grow Tree or Harvest Share.

End of a Round

After Winter comes Spring
When a player wins the round, the game immediately moves to the next round.

Trees get cut, Boosts are reset
On the next action a player takes, Tree Size is reduced by 20% and Boost is reset to 1.

SnailTree runs forever
The game doesn't stop and will go on indefinitely on the Ethereum blockchain.

The SnailThrone

SnailTree is part of the SnailThrone ecosystem.
10% of all ETH invested goes into a pot to pay out SnailThrone holders.
Anyone can send this pot at any moment.

>>> Check out SnailThrone here <<<


The growing Ether and Pecan rewards on display are local

Due to synchronisation with the blockchain, it's possible for rewards to differ slightly from these displayed values.

If you need to be certain, wait a couple minutes between the displayed rewards you desire and your action.


Plant Root

Plant Root gives you 0.0000005 Tree Size per ETH, which translates to a Size of 2 000 for 1 finney, and a Size of 2 000 000 for 1 ETH.

The minimum requirement to Plant a Root is 1 finney (0.001 ETH).

Plant Root gives you 1 Pecan per Tree Size, multiplied by the global bonus.

The global bonus increases by +1% for every second since anyone Planted a Root.

For example, Planting a Root with 1 ETH after 1 hour (3600 seconds) would give you: 2MM * (100% + 1% * 3600) = 74MM Pecans.

Planting a Root forfeits any unclaimed Harvest!

Harvest Share

Harvest Share transfers unclaimed ETH to the player's ingame balance.

ETH rewards accumulate at a rate of 4% of the Tree Size value per day.

Harvest Share gives 1 Pecan per Tree Size per day, multiplied by personal bonus and Boost.

The personal bonus starts at 4, and increases by 1 per hour since the player's last Tree action (Plant, Grow or Harvest).

The Boost is a fixed multiplier obtained through Grow Tree.

For example, Harvesting with a Tree Size of 2MM and a Boost of 1 after 1 hour (3600 seconds) would give you: 2MM * 1 * (4 + 1) / 86400 = 416 666 Pecans

Grow Tree

Grow Tree uses the Ether share to grow Tree Size at a rate identical to Plant Root.

The player also receives the same amount of Pecans as for Harvest Share.

If it has been at least one hour since the player's last Tree action, the player gets a Boost.

For each extra hour, the player also gets a Boost, up to a maximum of +10 at once.

For example, Growing the Tree after 5 hours 30 minutes will give the player +5 Boost.

Give Pecan

Give Pecan trades as many Pecans as the player wants and sends ETH in return.

ETH received is equal to: (Wonkers' Pot) * (Pecan Gift) / (Pecans To Win) / 2.

No more than 50% of the wonkPot can be won in one gift.

Pecans from the gift are added to the global Pecans Given variable.

If Pecans Given surpass Pecans To Win, the player wins the round.

He receives this round's jackpot (20% of the reserve jackpot), and the next round begins.

New Round

Pecans Given reset to 0, and Pecans To Win are set according to the jackpot.

Pecans to Win = 1 Billion for 0.1 ETH in the Jackpot (or 10MM for 1 finney).

Both the jackpot and Pecans to Win change dynamically through the round as players Plant Roots.

The first time a player from a previous round takes a Tree action, their Boost is reset to 0.

Their Tree Size is also lowered by 20% for every round they've skipped.

For example, if we're at Round 3 and a Round 1 player didn't play Round 2, their Tree Size of 4000 will become 4000 * 0.8 * 0.8 = 2560

Unclaimed share remains available, but in proportion with the new Tree Size.

It's best to Harvest before the round ends!

Pot Split

On every payable transaction, the incoming Ether is split as follows:

- 40% to the treePot, holds payouts from Tree Size

- 30% to the wonkPot, reserve for Pecan Trades

- 20% to the jackPot, 20% of that rewarded to the Round winner

- 10% to the thronePot, to be sent to SnailThrone owners at your convenience