Prisoner's Dilemma on the Blockchain

"4% daily, forever...

...until others ruin it"

SnailTree is a smart contract game on Ethereum.

It mimicks High-Yield Investment Programs (HYIP).

HYIP schemes are Ponzi scams. They promise impossibly high returns by paying previous investors with the money of newcomers.

In other words, SnailTree is a tale of madness and hubris.

"You can't lose...

...more than your initial"

Sounds great, but how do we make it a game?

In traditional HYIP, there's only one strategy: get in early.

After that, pray enough people will throw their money in the burning pile.

SnailTree gives you more than just ether.

Not only you get ETH, you also get tokens.

On top of that, there's a big, juicy jackpot.

>>> You convinced me! Let me in, NOW! <<<

"I am now a millionaire... digital nuts"

SnailTree rewards your investment with digital Pecans.

Trade these Pecans to the smart contract for instant ETH.

That's not all!

Trading Pecans fills up a bar.

Fill up that bar, and you win the ETH jackpot.

"There's nothing to fear... for financial ruin"

Your ETH and Pecan rewards are available from the first minute.

Claim them as soon as you want, as often as you want.

But there's a catch.

The longer you wait, the more Pecans you get.

By waiting long enough, you will get more rewards.

By waiting too long, other players will claim the jackpot.

>>> I'm ready to lose all my money! <<<

"Freedom to leave...

...all caution behind"

You're free to get out any time you want.

Your exit is safeguarded by the smart contract.


By reinvesting your rewards every hour, you get a special Boost.

This Boost is a direct multiplier to your Pecans.

Your Pecans can be traded for Ether or help you win the jackpot.

"Everyone's a winner...

...but not in here"

The longer the game goes without fresh investment, the more Pecans given to the next person.

Getting in early could reward you well.

Getting in later could reward you better.

Getting in at the right time could get you the win.

Who knows? Certainly not us.

Stop thinking and come gamble your ether away.

>>> My kids don't need college anyway! <<<


~~a poem by Sir Slugalot~~

there once was a Squirrel from the Forest,

who, simply put, wasn't the smartest.

one day, he saw Snails building a Throne,

thought "easy stuff, I'm as good as anyone!"

his mind set, the Squirrel's folly began,

instead of Shell, he would use Pecan

come along, Ether wanderers,

trade your Harvest to the mad Wonkers.


Vitalik Buterin

"Not giving away ETH."

Roger Ver

"When starting a business, not having any money forces you to be more creative."

Nick Szabo

"I encourage holding crypto the way it's meant to be held, i.e. directly."

Justin Sun

"The detail will be released this week."

>>> Where do I sign? <<<


It's one in a whole ecosystem of very bad ideas.

This ecosystem is called the SnailThrone.

The SnailThrone is a master game.

SnailThrone players receive payouts from other Snail games.