Round [Loading...]

[Loading...] ETH



You will sacrifice [Loading...] Snails

(will only work if timer is at 0)


[Waiting for events...]


[Loading...] Snails

(estimate worth: [Loading...] ETH)


Cost per snail: [Loading...] ETH

Maximum buy: 4 ETH

ETH to spend? ETH

(You will get around [Loading...] snails)


Requirement: [Loading...] Snails

No upper limit.

Snails to sacrifice?

(Requirement jumps to [Loading...] snails)


Value per snail: [Loading...] ETH

Maximum sale: [Loading...] Snails

Snails to sell?

(You will get around [Loading...] ETH)


[Loading...] eggs

(producing [Loading...] eggs per hour)


ETH needed: [Loading...] ([Loading...] per egg)


ETH reward: [Loading...] ([Loading...] per egg)



Unclaimed divs: [Loading...] ETH


Current balance: [Loading...] ETH



Get 6% of the ETH spent on any buy from your referee.


Snails Alive
Contract ETH
[Loading...] ETH
[Loading...] ETH
[Loading...] ETH
[Loading...] ETH


BUY and SELL snails (pyramid tokens) directly from the contract.

Snail holders receive proportional DIVIDENDS from buys and hatches, as well as from other Snail games (in the future).

Token price correlates with snail max supply. More snails = higher price.

Snails produce EGGS, at a rate of 8% per day. A hatchery can hold as many eggs as there are snails.

Players can HATCH these eggs to turn them into more snails. Hatching still costs ether, but only half of the normal price.

Players can also FEED their eggs to the FrogKing for an ETH reward.

Players can SACRIFICE a certain amount of snails to hold the title of Pharaoh. The Pharaoh earns dividends on every buy, and if the timer runs out, the Pharaoh can claim the GodPot.

NOTE: buying more snails will reset your eggs to 0, and selling or making a sacrifice will reduce your number of eggs. Make sure to hatch or feed before any other action if you have a significant number of eggs!

ETH distribution on buy:

- 50% saved for the SnailPot (token price on sale)

- 20% distributed in divs

- 20% go to the FrogPot

- 2% is given to the current Pharaoh

- 2% goes to the GodPot

- 6% goes to the referral. If there is no referral, it goes to the SnailGod pot

ETH distribution on hatch:

- 40% in divs

- 40% to the FrogPot

- 4% to the current Pharaoh

- 16% to the GodPot

SNAILPOT (sell fund)

WARNING: selling snails will make you lose a proportional amount of eggs. Hatch them or feed the FrogKing before a sacrifice!

Snails can be sold to the SnailPot for ETH.

Price per snail is 50% of the current buy price.

No more than 10% of the SnailPot can be drained in one sale!

This means it is easier to sell small quantities of snails than large ones.

Regardless, a player can chain sales one after another, without downtime.

FROGPOT (feed egg fund)

Feeding eggs to the frogking grants a reward.

ETH earned = frogpot * eggs fed / total snails

GODPOT (jackpot fund)

Given to the current Pharaoh when the timer hits 0. This timer starts at 24 hours on each new round.

Sacrifice the indicated snail amount to become the Pharaoh. While the Pharaoh sits on the throne, he receives ETH from every buy and hatch.

Every 12 seconds, one snail is removed from the required sacrifice. The minimum required is 40 snails.

A successful sacrifice will bump the timer back up by 8 minutes, and add the amount of snails sacrificed to the requirement.

Once the timer hits 0, whoever holds the Pharaoh title ascends to godhood. This new SnailGod can claim the round pot.

After the pot is claimed, the timer resets at 24 hours. Whoever starts the new round is Pharaoh.

PLEASE NOTE: sacrificing snails will make you lose a proportional amount of eggs. Hatch them or feed the FrogKing before a sacrifice!


Unlocked by owning at least 300 snails. Every buy through a referral link gives 6% to the referred address.

Addresses aren't bound to their referral link. Referrals don't profit from hatching eggs.

Referring your own address won't work! Grab your nearest friend instead.