The Ethertree blooms, as the forest shakes off the great Crypto Winter.

For the bold, the adventurous, the indomitable, new opportunities arise.

In the nature, rules are simple: survive, or disappear.

Ether Snails take this to heart. Quantity is quality!

To the fastest of the slow, the most rewards.

Can you be the first Snaillionaire?


SnailFarm 3 is a smart contract game on the Ethereum blockchain.

You will need two things to play this game:

- a small amount of ether, the lifesource of the forest.

- a companion such as the MetaMask fox (desktop) or the Trust Wallet (mobile).


BUY your starting Snails. REACH 1 million Snails before anyone else!

Your Snails lay Eggs.

HATCH Eggs into Snails

TRADE Eggs on the market

Grow your hatch size:

Compete to get FRIENDS

Find your very own FOOD

Passive rewards:

FUND the Ethertree

CLAIM the Snailmaster

Didn't win this round?

GET Red Eggs for free

GRAB the Red Harvest


Come say hi on Discord if you want to know more! We're a friendly bunch.

You can also:

- read our Medium posts for an indepth look into the history of SnailFarm.

- follow our Twitter to keep up to date on important Snail memes with the occasional news.

- explore the open sourced smart contract code on Etherscan.

- lurk our Reddit to... Frankly, there's not much there save for links to the Medium posts. Hey, we're Snails, we're slow.

Looking for the old Ethertree funding page?